Apart from Him we can do nothing

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Statement of Vision

Abiding with Christ offers professing Christians a way to examine their faith walk against how the Bible describes an authentic walk with Jesus Christ.

We cover a variety of biblical topics within the scope of a few ideas foundational to an authentic Christian faith. These are the areas of Salvation, Abiding, and Obedience.

Salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone. He provides redemption for our sins through His sacrifice on the cross. Jesus Christ proved He was God through His resurrection from the dead. There is no other hope for peace with the one, true God. Everyone needs salvation to be reconciled to God because we are born into a sinful state, a result of man’s original disobedience. Without salvation, we will spend eternity apart from God in Hell, a place of isolation and torment. Accepting Christ’s offer of salvation requires that we come to Him in genuine repentance, asking forgiveness for our sins, and turning from them and following Christ. As we endure in the Christian life, we are transformed by God after the model of Jesus. This is the process of sanctification.

Abiding with Christ is the means through which we daily walk the path of the disciple. By following the regular disciplines of bible study, prayer, and fellowship with other believers, we stay connected to Christ. This is necessary because apart from Him, we can do nothing. Abiding with Christ produces holiness in our lives evidenced by the fruit of the spirit. This in turn equips Christ’s disciples to perform good works in His name.

Obedience to Christ’s teachings is an expectation of each follower of Christ. Genuine faith in Christ is distinguished by the difference between a mental acceptance of Christ and a dedicated heartfelt commitment to being a follower of Christ. This means we follow Christ’s teachings and commands. It requires an active surrender of our will and desires to Christ in all things at all times. The most fundamental way we obey Christ is through the keeping of the two greatest commandments. Everything that Christ requires us to do can be summarized in these two commandments, which are both expressions of love: love for God and love for others. One of the greatest ways we express love for God and others is through evangelism, which was the last command Christ gave us before ascending to Heaven. We are told by Christ Himself that without obedience, we are not His followers.

We do not endorse any one particular translation over another. Unless otherwise noted, we use the New Living Translation (NLT) for all our Bible references on this site.

If you like, you can review a more detailed description of our beliefs.

We hope you will make AbidingwithChrist.org part of your regular devotional practice.

Contributors to Abiding With Christ

Picture of Pete Fullwood

Pete Fullwood

Pete Fullwood is a contributing author at Abiding With Christ. The Holy Spirit has been calling Pete since childhood to share his Christian journey through scripture-backed writing. For a time God called Pete into an itinerant preaching ministry; the sermons formed the basis for his long-running blog, Agape Mission. While Pete is no longer preaching, he continues to write as the Spirit moves him, saying, "when I write, I feel God's presence more than at any other time".


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